What is a Gathering of the Faithful (GOF)? 


Why is the GOF so important to our club and why should you care? Let’s begin by saying, there is a very real possibility that you would not be driving your T series MG, if it were not for the many people who came before you that had a commitment to the concept of the Gathering of the Faithful. 


Let’s go back to the mid fifties when the new MGA hit the market. Our T cars were considered old news and many were relegated to the dust bin, old junkers that had no relevance to the modern age. As a matter of fact when the TF came to market in 1954 many of the faithful MG owners felt that the company had somehow betrayed them. Tom McCahill, the legendary writer for Mechanic’s Illustrated, said that the company had let the MG enthusiasts down pretty hard with the TF. He even referred to it as “Mrs. McGillivaries warmed over dead cat”. Pretty harsh words from the dean of automotive writers. But at the time facts were facts and the MG T series cars were out classed by most, if not all, of it’s competitors. There was a real danger of the T car becoming extinct. 


But a few diehard traditionalists felt that there was something special about these cars and wanted to find a way to preserve them. Al Moss did his part by founding Moss motors insuring that we would have the bits and pieces we needed to keep the cars running. But having access to the necessary parts is of little use if no one cares about the cars. Enter Dick Knutsen and Frank Churchill from the New England MG T Register. The question was how to create a family of like minded T cars owners who will carry on the passion for the T series MG, and more importantly how to keep them on the road. The answer was the first Gathering of the Faithful back in 1965. By creating a network of like minded owners from around the country who would connect on a regular basis by means of the GOF, Frank and Dick felt that the future of the T series MG would be assured. It worked! 


The Minnesota MG T Register wanted to do it’s part by organizing the first GoF Central in 1978. The event was held in Rochester, Minnesota 35 years ago and has been hosted, in turn, every year since by the clubs in the central region. We are proud to carry on the tradition of the GoF and encourage all club members to attend a Gathering of the Faithful at least once. By your support you insure the continuation of the T car legacy. It is important to you and the larger fraternity of owners, because this is the kind of thing that will preserve and expand the market for these cars, and guarantee the ready supply of the parts we need to keep them on the road. 


More importantly, GOFs are fun and a great opportunity to meet fellow owners from around the region, Every year a caravan is assembled so we can all travel to the event together. So, will we you see you at a GOF? See the events calendar for details about this year’s GoF and check back for information regarding travel plans.

If you have chosen not to attend or if circumstances do not allow you to attend, please thank those of us who do show up. The value of your car and the ability to keep it on the road count on the Faithful who continue to Gather every year. 


See you on the road! 

Steve Blomberg

The Minnesota MG T Register


The Gathering of the Faithful