Natter & Noggin is an old British tradition where friends gather and engage each other in good conversation while sharing a beverage and a bite. We continue this pleasant tradition by gathering on the first Sunday of every month at 3PM. During the months of pleasant weather we drive our cars and often discuss the finer points of the hobby.
This is a good opportunity to meet fellow members.

If you are not a member and are considering the purchase of a classic MG we encourage you to come visit with us at a Natter. Or if you are just curious about the classic MG, again we encourage you to attend. After all is said and done MGs are all about fun and fellowship. As the factory often said these cars are designed to be “Cheap and Cheerful” and so are their owners (well maybe not the cheap part).


The People

Natters & Noggins

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is located at: 5765 Sanibel Dr. Minnetonka, MN

We meet at 3PM on the first Sunday of every month

The Cars

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2021 Schedule

We Meet at 3 PM

Sep 5

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*June 6 is a Special British Car Week Natters.

Bring your car and show off a bit!