5 reasons to consider a T Series MG

Five reasons to consider a T series MG as a “hobby” car.

  1. They are affordable. These cars are rare enough to make them interesting and plentiful enough to keep prices reasonable. Prices can range from Under $5,000 for non-running cars needing total restoration to $10,000 to $20,000 for a driver needing some work to $30,000+ for show quality restorations. So there is a car to match every budget and skill level.
  2. They are fun! They are, after all, roadsters. Top down driving with a sporting exhaust note can make for some very enjoyable driving experiences. With minor modification these cars can be driven anywhere, even on today’s interstate highways. You may be confined to the slow lane with top speeds around 80 mph, but all day cruising at 65 mph is easily achievable.
  3. They are simple. You don’t need to be an A level mechanic to work on a T series MG. You will need to buy a set of Whitworth wrenches (readily available) and learn some new terminology for parts. Like “boot”, “bonnet”, “wing” and “spanner” but that’s part of the fun. Maintenance tasks are easily preformed by the owner with modest mechanical ability,
  4. Parts are readily available. Moss Motors, Abingdon Spares and others make obtaining parts as easy as picking up the phone or surfing the web. And they are reasonably priced. Here in the Twin Cities we have several local sources for parts and service (check the resources section).
  5. You will meet the nicest people in the world. Because these cars were never pretentious the people who own them have always tended to be friendly, happy types who enjoy each others company. And there are many opportunities to have fun with this remarkable group of enthusiasts. This may be the best reason to own a T series MG as a hobby car.

Steve Blomberg